About a Word or More

A Word or More is simply a place in this world where I ramble about writing.

The blog has changed since I started it a few years ago based on my availability to blog. It lay dormant for much of 2013-2014 when I went through my first year of graduate school. So, what is the goal now?

The hope for A Word or More is to share with you the successes and struggles of working writers. I work as a teacher assistant, graduate assistant with design, technology, and recruitment; occasionally as a freelance writer, a mom expecting a second child, and I’m blessed to be an author. I do not send out many stories, but I direct the few I do send to magazines and websites that I think are best suited for them.

As an author, my focus has shifted from my manuscript, Sons of the Edisto to Adventures of Elliot McSwean. After working on Sons of the Edisto for seven years, I decided the time had come to focus on short stories. In 2011, a little luck came my way. A short story based on SonsThe Way Things Are, was published.

As I wrote short stories, I became more interested in writing about the relationships between friends who are teens or middle school kids and their parents. I thought YA and MG writing focused so much on romance that friendship was almost a dinosaur. In an ad for a movie, Owen Wilson says something to effect of friendship is harder because it requires something special.

So, I began writing Adventures of Elliot McSwean. Elliot McSwean is coming to the end of his elementary school years and struggles with the changes in North Carolina schools, the economy, his friends, and families. Growing up with two sisters in high school and a sister in preschool makes life more difficult for him, and he often finds himself in trouble for getting into someone else’s business or trying to stand up for what he believes is right. To present, I have had three publications from Elliot McSwean. The Question has been published twice, and Save the Red Lights was published in July 2014.


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    1. Thank you so much! I appreciate your recognition. It does mean a lot. I will accept, and I appreciate it very much. I enjoy your blog very much! Thank you again!

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